Infotrieve’s Ariel turns your personal computer, printer and scanner into a state-of-the-art document transmission station.

Ariel allows users to send electronic images to other Ariel workstations anywhere in the world, using either FTP or email, and converts the images to PDF files for easy delivery. It is faster and clearer than a fax, and even the most intricate images, including Elizabethan woodcuts, NASA photos and Asian manuscripts, easily transmit in full detail.

Used by institutions around the world, Ariel is the leading document transmission system in academia and enables librarians and information centers to excel in online document delivery.

Features include:

  • Scan and send grayscale and color images.
  • Print variable-resolution images on plain paper; up to 600 DPI.
  • Scan and print on letter, legal, journal, A3 or A4 paper sizes.
  • Convert TIFF files to PDF files and email to requesting patrons.

Ariel works on a wide range of printers and outperforms faxes in speed, quality, reliability and cost.

Ariel Forum

ARIE-L is an electronic discussion group covering use of the Ariel document transmission system. Ariel is developed and supported by Infotrieve; the ARIE-L list is independently operated. Although the discussion is oriented toward exchanging information among those already using Ariel, it may interest anyone who is considering acquisition of the Ariel software and the necessary hardware.

We strongly recommend that Ariel users join this group; Infotrieve’s Ariel technical support staff and product manager also subscribe to it.

Managing ARIE-L Use at the List’s Own Website You can go directly to the ARIE-L website to subscribe, search the archives, post messages, change settings, unsubscribe, etc.